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Treating ADHD And Addiction Near Duluth

A great number of people who struggle with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) resort to habit-forming substances to cope. If a co-occuring disorder has led to your substance use, Evolve Recovery Center Duluth can help. We know the complexities of ADHD and addiction and supply treatment for both at our inviting rehab center. Reach out to us at 470-348-5426 at any time to explore our specialized services for ADHD and addiction near Duluth.

We Can Help You End The Self-medicating Cycle

If not dealt with properly, ADHD will negatively affect your life and makes routine tasks more challenging. Alcohol or drugs can seem like a way to cope, but they won’t actually help. You may for a short time feel more in command when taking these substances, but when they leave your system, your ADHD symptoms come back. By self-medicating again, your system forms a tolerance, and the pattern becomes more powerful. Without support, you could easily slide into an uncontrollable addiction.

If you’re trapped in the endless loop of self-medicating because of ADHD, Evolve is here for you. We know that to end this devastating cycle, you need to first confront the underlying cause. When entering our drug and alcohol rehab program in Duluth, you’ll have a safe spot to stay and avert relapse after detoxing from these substances. You’ll also receive access to medicine and therapy to help control your ADHD. Contact us at 470-348-5426 now to get help stopping the pattern of ADHD and addiction.

How Evolve Duluth Treats ADHD And Addiction Near Duluth

Evolve Recovery Center Duluth is a drug and alcohol rehab center that also provides support for co-occurring disorders. If you are struggling with ADHD during the recovery process, we'll help figure out the right medication and therapy to address your disorder. When your ADHD is managed, confronting your substance use disorder will be less difficult.

Every day you'll attend various therapy sessions. During individual therapy, you'll collaborate one-on-one with a licensed therapist to investigate the root causes of your addiction, including co-occurring disorders. In group therapy, you'll listen to other individuals in similar situations talk about battling and overcoming addiction near Duluth.

In therapy, you’ll be able to:

  • Explore the association between ADHD and substance use
  • Find how to control ADHD
  • Recognize and avoid triggers for substance use
  • Cultivate valuable coping skills
  • Change detrimental ways of thinking
  • Lay the groundwork for enhanced mental health to promote enduring addiction recovery

Along with expert support, you'll appreciate the secure, orderly accommodations at Evolve. You'll have a comfortable room, wholesome meals, and time for recreational activities in our welcoming facility. If our facility sounds like the most suitable place for you to move forward after substance detox, contact us at 470-348-5426 and ask about our intake process today.

Why Choose Evolve Recovery Center Duluth For ADHD And Addiction Rehab

Evolve Recovery Center Duluth works hard to provide the high-quality rehab services required for long-term addiction recovery. We know about the challenges you face due to addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. We make treatment as manageable and productive as possible for you with thorough support from experienced, compassionate clinicians and staff.

To help you get the most from your time in our care and set the stage for long-term sobriety, we strive to provide all you require for a worthwhile rehab with things like:

  • A tailored treatment plan
  • Evidence-based psychotherapy and medical care
  • Assistance with aftercare planning
  • Modern furnished, sober living environment
  • On-location fitness center, lounge, and other patient amenities
  • Filling, chef-designed meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Support for insurance and billing questions
  • Total patient privacy and confidentiality

If you need a rehab facility to help you prevail over ADHD and addiction near Duluth, call us at 470-348-5426 now. We are ready to help you all the time.

Enter Our Rehab Center For ADHD And Addiction Treatment Near Duluth

Evolve Recovery Center Duluth gives you a safe place for treatment when you need rehab services for addiction and ADHD. Place a call to 470-348-5426 or fill out the contact form below for prompt assistance. We answer 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and are waiting to help you right away.