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Oxycodone Rehab near Duluth

One of the most dangerous prescription pain relievers on the market, Oxycodone has the potential to make a devastating impact on your life. Overcoming this extremely addictive medication isn’t easy and ought to be done under the supervision of credentialed specialists like the ones at Evolve. Our Oxycodone rehab in Duluth will take over following detox and steer you toward a lasting recovery in a safe, inviting environment.

What Are The Signs That You Need OxyContin Rehab In Duluth?

Oxycodone, better known by the brand OxyContin®, is often prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. Unfortunately, Oxycodone is incredibly addictive, and issues start if you take it beyond the prescription or recreationally. Addiction may occur quickly. And even once detox is finished, ongoing treatment is still required.

If you have trouble with these difficulties, you likely need to seek OxyContin rehab in Duluth:

  • Extreme cravings to use the drug again
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, physical pain, or increased anxiety
  • Trouble coping with specific circumstances
  • A worry about relapsing due to tiggers, peer pressure, or trauma

Even if you’re unsure about these signals of addiction, if you are presently using OxyContin beyond the prescription’s instructions, you might need a rehab program near Duluth.

If oxycodone is still in your body, you may need to commence your recovery with detox. We are able to arrange for your inpatient detox in Duluth. Then you may transfer easily to Evolve for a safe location away from unwanted influences to zero in on yourself and move forward in treatment.

What You Should Do To Prepare For OxyContin Rehab At Evolve Duluth

Seeking help is one of the toughest aspects of your journey to sobriety. Once that is finished, there are a few other tasks you should handle in advance of starting Oxycodone rehab in Duluth, including:

  1. Arrange care for your loved ones and pets.
  2. Pack casual shoes and clothing along with personal care essentials for at least 10 days. If you failed to remember a item or run out, we can help!
  3. Plan your leave from your employment. Evolve has expertise in Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) filings and is happy to work with your HR department.
  4. Decide how you will get a ride to our rehab center. We are happy to provide 24-hour transportation service if needed.

It also makes sense to read through our admissions information so you know what to plan for before getting here.

How Long Is OxyContin Rehab?

Evolve treats all patients as individuals and custom-tailors plans of therapy to accommodate your specific needs. There is no standard treatment duration for our OxyContin rehab in Duluth. Even so, you should plan to be with us for a at least two to four weeks. Some patients have longer stays, up to 90 days. The duration of your stay is influenced by:

  • The length of time you’ve been on OxyContin and the level of your consumption
  • The number of times you’ve been admitted to rehab
  • Your mental condition, considering co-occurring disorders
  • Your overall physical condition
  • Your personalized treatment plan

Our clinicians will recommend a treatment timeframe based on your appraisal during intake|. We’ll check your progress closely to make sure you’re prepared for the ensuing stage of continuing outpatient treatment.

What You Can Plan On From OxyContin Rehab

Primarily, you should anticipate custom-tailored support from a caring staff in a welcoming environment. We wish for you to be comfortable and accomplish this with cozy, furnished bedrooms and restful community spaces. You will have access to nourishing meals, beverages, snacks, and a range of recreational activities. To see to your comfort and safety, we have team members present 24 hours a day.

Our Oxycodone rehab in Duluth includes individual treatment plans and evidence-based therapy and medical treatments. Our licensed specialists will help you uncover the fundamental reasons behind your drug use and train you on effective coping devices for long-term sobriety. You can expect to be assisted with the following:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Counseling to help make clear-cut and reachable goals and aftercare plans
  • Family counseling
  • Medication-assisted treatment depending on the intensity of your cravings and withdrawal symptoms

How We Ensure Your Safety Over The Course Of OxyContin Rehab in Duluth

Conquering an addiction to this potentially damaging substance isn’t easy and you could have urges to use again. Detox is the best way to start, but it won’t instantly put you out of danger. As a matter of fact, you’re at an increased risk of a fatal overdose following detox.

Evolve will help maintain your safety with:

  • 24/7 medical care from an experienced staff
  • A carefully designed, sober environment far from unwanted influences that trigger use
  • Custom-tailored care plans specified to your exact situation
  • Rigid patient privacy rules to shield your personal information and treatment details
  • Cultivation of coping devices
  • Planning future support for after you depart our facility

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