Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Duluth

Insurance Information And Costs For Evolve Recovery Center Duluth

Evolve Duluth strives to serve as many individuals as we can with reasonable alcohol and drug rehab. We always want you to receive addiction treatment when you require it. We ask that you continue reading to find out more about the cost of rehab with us and get the updated insurance information for Evolve Recovery Center Duluth. And if you’re unable to come across what you would like to know here, feel free to call us at 470-348-5426. We’re standing by to lend a hand! 

How Much Does Alcohol Or Drug Rehab Cost Near Duluth?

Every rehab facility handles pricing in their own manner. Your Evolve costs near Duluth are contingent on factors such as

  • What type of treatment you are provided
  • Whether you have insurance or not
  • The amount your insurer agrees to cover
  • In the case of self-pay: how long you stay at Evolve Recovery Center Duluth.

When you inquire about enrolling at Evolve Duluth, our experienced staff will collect your insurance information and clarify how we will determine the cost of your care. After consulting with your insurance representative, we can offer you an assessment of how much rehab will cost you after insurance. Throughout your residence at our inpatient facility, we'll inform you if there are additional costs to your care and can address questions in relation to payment possibilities.

Is My Drug Or Alcohol Rehab Covered By Insurance In Duluth? 

Evolve Recovery Center accepts many commercial insurance coverages. At this time, we do not take Medicaid. Please contact 470-348-5426 to talk about Medicare options. 

Your individual policy will dictate how much you will have to spend on your own. Our employees have vast experience handling insurance coverages and working with representatives to pay for as much of your care as possible. We'll work with your insurer to make certain you get the complete benefits of your coverage and advise you what deductibles or unpaid costs you are responsible for. We will also help with the paperwork for other programs like Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and short-term disability.

If your plan isn’t able to accommodate rehab at Evolve Recovery Center Duluth, we will provide details about our reasonable self-pay option. You deserve quality substance use support, and we are pleased to answer all of your questions about insurance and Evolve Duluth costs at Duluth. 

Insurance Providers We Welcome

We are glad to accommodate as many insurers as possible to make things easier on our residents. Below you’ll see just a portion of the major in-network companies we partner with. To see if we can use your particular insurance plan, call us at 470-348-5426

Can I Still Go To Rehab If I’m Uninsured?  

In the event you are uninsured, we still want you to enter rehab. When you contact us about starting treatment, an admissions specialist will provide information on our present self-pay fees and explore your payment choices. We wish to aid you in obtaining the treatment you’re needing and will work with you to determine a way to cover the expense of rehab. If Evolve Recovery Center Duluth doesn’t make sense for you because of insurance coverage or self-payment reasons, we can locate a different location that is able to help. 

Obtain Treatment For Substance Use Today

If you or someone you love requires rehab for an alcohol or drug addiction, call 470-348-5426 or fill out the following form now. One of our specialists will reply right away to supply the support you seek. We answer at any hour, 365 days a year. We are standing by for you now.