Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Duluth

Meet Our Evolve Recovery Center Duluth Staff

The exceptional support you receive at Evolve Recovery Center Duluth originates with our incredible personnel. Each person here from our leaders to therapists and staff is dedicated to giving you empathetic, respectful alcohol and drug rehab services. Find out more about the Evolve team near Duluth and see how we’re driven to help you.

Our Leadership Team: Setting The Standard For Personalized Care

We understand that everything we do at our Evolve Recovery Center facility starts with leadership. Our leadership team strives to set the standard for what individualized care means and shares their passion for helping individuals enhance their lives via evidence-based techniques. We would like every person who enters into our treatment center to have a cornerstone of positive experience to start on as they keep fighting for enduring recovery.

Our Experienced Staff: Treating You As A Unique Individual

Our staff of expert clinicians, caregivers, and team members partner with you to make sure you receive the most effective mental health and medical care possible. They have vast experience in drug and alcohol therapy and know how to tailor our approaches to your unique situation. We’re always pleased to respond to inquiries and handle interactions with relatives, insurance, and employers. They desire to make your residence here at Evolve Recovery Center Duluth as stress-free as possible.

Let The Evolve Team Near Duluth Guide You

Nobody should confront substance use or mental disorders by themselves. You’ll receive support when you phone 470-348-5426 or submit the form on this page. We always answer promptly, all day and night. We are standing by for you.