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Hydrocodone Rehab near Duluth

Overcoming an addiction to Vicodin® or a different type of hydrocodone-based drug can at times appear to be an uphill battle, but it shouldn’t be. You can get yourself on a path to lasting sobriety by seeking help from the substance use specialists at Evolve. We’ll guide you through hydrocodone rehab in Duluth within a controlled surrounding that is centered on your safety. We can help you progress in your recovery today.

What Is Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is a man-made opioid prescribed to provide relief for moderate to severe levels of pain. It’s typically taken after a surgery or injury. In the same way as other opioids, it binds to pain receptors in the brain and halts or weakens pain signals. It also generates feel-good sensations, which contribute to addiction. Hydrocodone is generally integrated with acetaminophen and found under the brand names Vicodin, Lorcet-HD®, Lortab®, among others.

How Do You Know If You Are In Need Of Vicodin Rehab near Duluth?

Even prescriptions from doctors might present a threat to you when misused. You might be in need of Vicodin rehab if any of the following applies to you:

  • Using Vicodin in excess or beyond the prescription
  • Ongoing use despite your efforts to discontinue
  • Falling short of work and family responsibilities
  • Development of tolerance which necessitates a larger dose to achieve the same results
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as increased cravings, tremors, or mood swings
  • Used with other drugs and alcohol

Evolve offers hydrocodone rehab in Duluth for ages 18 and over. Most patients have finished a detox program and require further treatment. In the event you need detox, our sister facility at Sunrise Detox Duluth will assist you.

Steps To Get Ready For Vicodin Rehab In Duluth

Going to an inpatient treatment center is the initial step in your hydrocodone rehab. We’ll help you take an honest assessment of yourself and supply the support you need with a custom-tailored treatment plan. Here are a couple important recommendations to help you prepare for Vicodin rehab in Duluth.

  • Make a plan for children, pets, and work before you depart. We understand you have real-life commitments. Therefore, protecting your employment is vitally important. Our staff members are proficient in taking care of these circumstances and will work with your employer’s HR department to get leave approved.
  • Figure out how you will get here. If you need a ride to and from Evolve, give us a call at 470-348-5426, and let us provide one for you.
  • Bring enough for a minimum of 10 days. Fill a bag with casual clothing, hair essentials, and personal hygiene needs, some reading material, and some money for the vending machines. You are welcome to wash clothes at the facility if needed.

What Is The Length Of Vicodin Rehab In Duluth?

We believe that a personalized approach to rehab is vital to an enduring recovery. Considering this, your overall time with us is dependent on your particular treatment needs. The extent of your residence can be affected by the amount of time you’ve been taking hydrocodone, previous stays in rehab, co-occurring disorders, and other factors.

In general, you should anticipate being in our care for no less than two weeks, even though it could be longer. Our professionals will make a specific recommendation for you after the initial assessment.

What You Can Expect From Vicodin Rehab?

You will work with skilled clinicians interested in giving you the greatest opportunity for a long-term recovery. This is achieved through a comprehensive strategy that not only takes into account your Vicodin use but also any present co-occurring disorders.

Evolve utilizes evidence-based practices and group therapy while also providing valuable care via family and individual therapy. In addition, you will gain from goal setting each day, peer support, and the establishment of your aftercare strategy. Medication-assisted treatment is available if needed.

Our Approach To Keeping You Safe

Even if you went through Vicodin detox, you could still feel the desire to use and find yourself in jeopardy of a relapse. Not to mention, the chance of fatally overdosing escalates after detox.

We’ll help keep you safe by providing:

  • Personalized treatment approaches
  • A conducive surrounding free from outside factors that trigger Vicodin use
  • Specialized, around-the-clock support from experienced clinicians
  • Teaching of effective coping skills
  • Medication to lessen cravings and withdrawal symptoms

Start Hydrocodone Rehab in Duluth Now

Is it time to get started on hydrocodone rehab in Duluth? Call 470-348-5426 or complete the form on this page for immediate help. Evolve Duluth is here for you day or night, every day of the year. Request help now.