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Treating Addiction and Bipolar Disorder Near Duluth

You are not alone if you use alcohol or drugs to deal with bipolar disorder, and you deserve the best in treatment to move past your addiction. Evolve provides specially designed, compassionate rehab services for patients battling bipolar disorder and addiction near Duluth. Our well-equipped rehab facility is the perfect place to begin working through the reasons behind your drug or alcohol use, which includes co-occurring disorders. Reach out to us at 470-348-5426 and start your rehab now.

We Help You Break Free From The Self-medication Cycle

When dealing with bipolar disorder, your fluctuations in mood and energy can have an impact on your life and mental health. While drugs and alcohol lessen bipolar symptoms temporarily, they also intensify them. As you continue using substances for more support, you'll require a higher dose to feel the same effects. This causes a harmful pattern of self-medication and rapidly turns into addiction.

It’s challenging and dangerous to halt this pattern on your own. At Evolve Recovery Center Duluth, we offer treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders to deal with the very root of your addiction. By managing the cause of your drug or alcohol use, you’ll undergo a more constructive rehab. Dial 470-348-5426 today to start your custom-tailored rehab and manage your bipolar disorder. Evolve is ready to help.

How Evolve Treats Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Duluth

Rehab is a critical step for addiction recovery. Evolve Recovery Center Duluth supplies complete rehab care that treats the underlying disorders that lead to alcohol and drug use. When you leave our rehab center, you will be more equipped to live a sober life with bipolar disorder.

We use only proven treatments at Evolve. When you get here, you will undergo an examination to help us understand your medical history and conditions. Next, we formulate a care plan personalized to your specific situation. If you need medical care for post-acute withdrawal, our skilled staff will administer safe, evidence-based treatments. We will also work with you to determine medication to manage your bipolar symptoms. We are driven to help you get better so you can face your addiction head-on.

Bipolar and substance use disorders are consequential mental afflictions. Along with medication, we offer many forms of therapy to benefit your mental well-being. In one-on-one therapy, you’ll meet with a qualified therapist in a totally private environment. In group meetings, you’ll converse about the difficulties of navigating bipolar disorder and addiction with others who understand your experience firsthand.

This blend of therapies will help you begin to manage the mental aspect of bipolar disorder and addiction. With consistent therapy, you’ll be able to:

  • Delve into the link between your addiction and bipolar disorder
  • Discover how to manage and adjust to your bipolar disorder in constructive ways
  • Learn how to counter the impulse to consume addictive substances
  • Cultivate beneficial coping skills
  • Recognize and alter unhelpful patterns of behavior and thinking

Our aim at Evolve is to build you up physically and mentally so you can go back home and refrain from using habit-forming substances. If you’re worried about relapsing following detox from drugs or alcohol, contact us at 470-348-5426 for immediate assistance.

Why Go To Evolve Recovery Center Duluth For Bipolar And Addiction Rehab?

You can’t battle drug or alcohol addiction by yourself. Evolve Recovery Center Duluth is standing by to help. We will provide everything you need to avert relapse and advance toward lasting recovery. From the moment you contact us, we focus on getting you the right help. Our highly qualified team of clinicians and staff make a concerted effort to give you exceptional support in a hospitable setting that allows you to start the healing process from bipolar and addiction in Duluth.

The many ways we help you on your path of recovery include:

  • Evidence-based medical support and psychotherapy custom-tailored to your needs
  • A structured, drug and alcohol-free living environment
  • A cozy, furnished bedroom and private bath
  • Patient exercise space, common areas, and recreational activities
  • Healthy, chef-made meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Support for insurance and billing questions
  • Absolute confidentiality and patient privacy
  • Dignified, thoughtful care
  • Counseling to develop an aftercare plan

If you need rehab services for addiction and co-occurring disorders, call 470-348-5426 for immediate help. Evolve is prepared to help you today or answer your questions about our rehab strategy for bipolar disorder and addiction Duluth.

Get Rehab Services For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Duluth

You have a right to expert rehab treatment for substance use and bipolar disorder. If Evolve seems like the right fit for you, contact us at 470-348-5426 or via the form below. A member of our staff will respond promptly, no matter the day or time. We are prepared to help you now.