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Treating Anxiety And Addiction Near Duluth

Substance use disorders and anxiety disorders typically occur together. If you’re taking dependency-causing drugs or alcohol to deal with anxiety, Evolve can help. Call us at 470-348-5426, and get started in our rehab program for anxiety and addiction near Duluth. We offer expert mental health and medical care to help you control your anxiety, addiction, and avoid relapse. 

We’ll Help You Stop The Anxiety-Substance Use Spiral

Anxiety disorders are troubling and interruptive to your life. Drugs and alcohol may briefly drive off those feelings of anxiety. However, taking a substance to self-treat can lead you into the anxiety-addiction spiral.

This routine of consuming addictive substances to alleviate anxiety works for a while but is unsustainable. At the beginning, the blissful effects help reduce emotions of concern and tension. But, anxiety grows when the effects diminish. You continue using alcohol or drugs to recover those euphoric feelings but only feel worse afterward. As your tolerance increases, you have to use more of the substance to attain that initial feeling. After a while, addiction settles in.

Evolve Recovery Center Duluth acknowledges the link between substance use and anxiety. We are here to help you end this vicious cycle with specialized services for anxiety and addiction in Duluth. We'll help you come to grips with your anxiety symptoms to better recover from substance use. Under our guidance, you'll obtain addiction and mental health treatment to help you feel strong enough to triumph over your addiction and progress in spite of your anxiety. Call 470-348-5426 today -- no call goes unanswered. 

How We Help You Through Anxiety And Addiction Near Duluth

It may seem impossible to halt the anxiety-addiction spiral, but you are not by yourself. You have a right to skilled healthcare to overcome your anxiety and drug or alcohol use. Evolve Recovery Center Duluth treats the lingering effects of withdrawal and can detect co-occurring mental disorders at our rehab center. We'll supply you with medication and approaches to maintain sobriety. Simultaneously, you start cultivating skills for managing anxiety to help you prevent relapse. We accomplish this by providing you: 

  • A safe, substance-free living environment
  • A well-planned routine
  • Enough time for breaks and leisure activities 
  • Different types of therapy adapted to your requirements
  • Qualified medical treatment for post-acute withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • Round-the-clock emotional guidance  

Therapy for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders is a crucial component of your recovery at Evolve. You'll delve into your mental health one-on-one with an accredited therapist in individual therapy. In group therapy, a therapist will lead you and other participants to converse about substance use and anxiety. In these discussions, you'll work on: 

  • Learning about the relationship between substance use and anxiety
  • Overcoming trauma from your past that caused your addiction and anxiety
  • Identifying unproductive thought processes and triggers of substance use and anxiety
  • Practicing worthwhile coping skills
  • Developing healthy skills for relationship building and communicating 

Counseling isn’t our lone tool for supporting your mental health. You could also be given an anxiety medicine or obtain help altering your dosage levels. Using medication as advised will help you recover a feeling of normality and resist ingesting dependency-causing substances during rehab and in the future.

Why Come To Evolve Recovery Center Duluth For Rehab?

Rehab is a crucial part of your addiction recovery, and we understand its importance at Evolve Recovery Center Duluth. We strive to give you an exceptional level of care for the greatest odds of sustained recovery. When you come to us, you'll benefit from: 

  • Customized treatment per your own plan of care
  • Evidence-based therapy and medical treatment
  • Respect and compassion from our personnel
  • Total patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Aftercare counseling for treatment once you move on
  • A comfortable bedroom with included bath
  • Patient break areas and entertaining activities
  • Nutritious chef-cooked meals
  • Guidance for all your insurance and payment questions 

If Evolve seems to be the perfect fit for you, dial 470-348-5426 today to learn more about our treatment for anxiety and addiction near Duluth. We are pleased to help you advance toward a happier, more fulfilling life. 

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