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If you have a query about our facility or our procedures, you should explore responses in our Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you find our drug and alcohol rehab FAQs in Duluth beneficial, but we also understand you might have additional questions. If you need more information that isn’t included below, please feel free to call 470-348-5426 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or contact us by submitting the following form.

Evolve uses an individualized recovery strategy and the duration of your stay may contrast with other patients, but a common stay is approximately two to four weeks.
Our inpatient facility offers drug and alcohol treatment for individuals ages 18 and up.We will advise you on where to admit younger patients as required.
Our residential alcohol and drug recovery program is designed to help you achieve enduring sobriety through the following:
  • Individualized treatment proposals
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Daily Counseling
  • Post-treatment aftercare strategies
Yes. We are a medical facility that complies with all applicable regulations and rules concerning patient privacy. Your personal info will only be communicated in a manner that is allowed by law. We will provide you with our official confidentiality policy at the admissions phase.
Yes. We put a premium on your safety and we will gladly make arrangements for transportation to our center as required. Just communicate with our admissions team that you are in need of transportation and we’ll take it from there. We can also arrange transportation to our location if you don’t live within Duluth.
Admission starts when you dial 508-876-3224 and consult with one of our team members. After you get here, a thorough medical appraisal and medical history review is administered at the admissions phase. By responding to questions candidly, you will help us tailor therapy to your particular requirements. We will also assist with insurance or self pay, employment concerns, and transportation.
Yes. We allow you to have a phone that will be kept in a secured space at our Evolve Recovery Center Duluth. Ask a caregiver if you would like to review or answer essential voicemails or texts. You also have the opportunity to use a dedicated resident phone in our community sitting area.
Breakfast, lunch, and supper are provided during your stay.All meals are made on-site by a personal chef, every day of the week. We are pleased to accommodate any allergy or dietary requests. Snacks, coffee, juices, and water will also be available over the course of the day.
Yes, you are allowed to bring approved animals to help you during your time with us. You will need to advise our admissions team in advance of getting here and provide the proper certification for your animal during admissions to our center.
Medication is prescribed per your specific needs and is governed by your thorough medical appraisal and medical history investigation. We will provide medicine that’s authorized for associated health concerns.
Our experienced counselors are aware that drug and alcohol rehabilitation is an ongoing process. Because of this, we guide you in the development of various behavioral skills to assist you over the length of your recovery and we’ll keep supporting you even after you leave. Before you leave our facility, a customized aftercare plan is created and put into action.This may involve individual therapy, group sessions, sober living environments, or other possibilities. We will also touch base with you periodically to make sure that you are continuing to make strides. (Prior to your departure)
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We hope our alcohol and drug rehab FAQs in Duluth have been beneficial as you continue on your road to recovery. If you still have questions, please reach out to us by calling 470-348-5426 or the form on this page.