Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Duluth

Our Caring and Comfortable Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facility In Duluth

While at Evolve Recovery Center, we understand that you have a greater likelihood of working through substance addiction when you are treated in a welcoming and safe environment. This is the reason why we’ve gone to great lengths to design a modern alcohol and drug rehab facility in Duluth. We strive to provide for your physical requirements so you are able to center your attention on recovery.

Roommates in a bedroom with twin beds.

Rest In Your Room At Evolve Recovery Center Duluth

Evolve Recovery Center is an accommodating rehab facility with a conducive environment that allows you to get the rest you require for a successful recovery. You’ll be assigned to a semi-private room with a suitable roommate. All rooms have comfortable furniture, contemporary decor, a full bathroom, and a TV. Sheets are laundered on a daily basis. You may always take a break in your room after therapy if you need a little time to yourself.

Private accommodations are available per prior request and for an added charge. Call us to explore room options if you require your own area. A private room is a smart choice if you have to communicate with your job while you’re in recovery.

Two ladies playing a game of cards at Evolve

Participate In Free Time Activities At Our Drug And Alcohol Rehab Facility In Duluth

To aid you in balancing the work of recovery, we offer a variety of opportunities to relax and stay active. To begin, we ensure you have plenty to eat. We take care of all of your meals and snacks, and our healthy, filling food is made right in our kitchen by our chef. We also employ a nutritionist to provide guidance for any dietary needs.

We believe physical exertion is beneficial for the body and mind when you’re in rehab for a substance use disorder. Our fully-equipped fitness space is open to you if you want to continue your customary exercise routine or start one as an aspect of your recovery. You’re also able to watch television and play cards or a board game in our relaxing lounge, or visit our patio for some sun and open air.

a patient at the gym

Remove Yourself From Your Normal Routine At Evolve Recovery Center

At Evolve, we know where you go to for treatment is just as critical as the actual treatment. To provide a worthwhile experience, our facility offers:

  • Completely furnished rooms with private bathrooms
  • Private rooms by request
  • Nourishing, chef-made meals and snacks
  • A complete gym
  • Lounge room with a television and tables for puzzles and games
  • Outside areas
  • Caregivers on-premises 24/7

a patient at the nurses' station

Our Well-Trained Team Is Here For You

The specialists at Evolve are here to provide assistance for all aspects of your recovery. We are pleased to offer a low patient-to-staff ratio to make sure you get the assistance you deserve. Our experienced clinicians provide both behavioral and physical treatments to help you overcome the issues associated with trama and substance use. We have nurses on-site around-the-clock to dispense prescriptions or provide other medical services whenever you need it.

Our experienced staff can also assist with insurance confirmation, doctor’s consent, and court or employer paperwork. And we’re happy to answer any questions you have either before or after you are admitted to our drug and alcohol rehab facility in Duluth.

Review Our Photo Gallery

Before you arrive at Evolve Recovery Center Duluth, review our photo gallery and catch a glimpse of the effort we put forth to create a serene site for your stay with us.


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