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Codeine Rehab near Duluth

Doctors may prescribe Codeine for a limited timeframe to help patients with lower levels of pain or a consistent cough. Even so, this opioid can cause addiction and impact your daily life. If you’re grappling with your codeine addiction, know that we are here for you at Evolve Recovery Center Duluth.

Evolve’s codeine rehab in Duluth uses an individualized treatment plan while caring for you in a safe, supervised setting. We’ll teach you the skills you need so you are able to live your life without substance use.

What Are Signs That You Need Codeine Rehab In Duluth?

Despite being commonly prescribed and easily accessible as a painkiller and cough medicine, codeine remains a dangerous opiate that poses a risk for addiction. Detox is often the first step, but you could also require inpatient therapy for a long-term recovery. You will likely profit from codeine rehab in Duluth if you have:

  • Compulsions to use codeine in your day-to-day life
  • Withdrawal symptoms which may include consistent stomach cramps, loss of appetite, or trouble sleeping
  • Problems handling particular situations without taking more of the drug
  • A need to take a higher dose of codeine to experience its effects
  • Mental health challenges, such as depression or anxiety, as a result of codeine use
  • A continual fear of falling into a relapse

Evolve’s residential treatment center gives you a safe, welcoming place to focus on your recovery. And If you still need to detox, our affiliated facility, Sunrise Detox Duluth, is ready to assist.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Codeine Addiction Rehab near Duluth

If you’ve determined that you should seek codeine addiction rehab near Duluth, you’ve already done one of the most challenging steps in recovery. You now just need to take care of a few more things in advance of arriving at our center, such as:

  1. Arrange for leave from your office. Our staff works with companies frequently to ensure that leave or FLMA is handled appropriately. We’re glad to communicate with your company’s HR department and aid you with all the necessary paperwork.
  2. Think about childcare and family responsibilities. Make sure your little ones, furry friends, and other family members are accounted for. Please note, you are allowed to be accompanied by an emotional support animal (with the right paperwork) to Evolve during your recovery.
  3. Consider your comfort and pack proper shoes and clothing. You should also bring personal care items for approximately 10 days. If it ever happens that you leave something at home, we’re here to help! You will even have access to laundry facilities during your stay.
  4. Schedule a ride or reach out to us to take advantage of our 24-hour transportation service.

How Long Will Codeine Rehab Take?

Personalized support is the foremost concern at Evolve. Taking that into account, the amount of time you spend here is contingent on your unique circumstances. Our substance use experts will make a recommendation for a set treatment length after an extensive assessment that examines:

  • The extent of your codeine use and the state of your physical health
  • Number of times in rehab
  • Shape of your mental health, considering any co-occurring disorders
  • How you respond to care

On average, you should expect to be with us in the range of two to four weeks -- but note that longer stays up to 90 days are common.

What To Expect From Codeine Rehab

Our codeine rehab in Duluth is centered around a personalized strategy to consider your unique situation. Our licensed therapists help you with evidence-based treatments and the development of valuable coping skills. You’ll find benefit in:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Goal and aftercare planning
  • Peer support
  • Staff available around-the-clock
  • Medication-assisted treatment if needed with Suboxone

We hold the belief that you have a better likelihood of overcoming substance use when you’re taken care of and comfortable. This is why we accommodate you with:

  • Tastefully adorned bedrooms with attached bathrooms
  • Peaceful lounge areas
  • Well-balanced meals and access to drinks and snacks all day
  • Recreational opportunities, health center access, and break times between sessions

How We Keep You Safe During Codeine Rehab in Duluth

Getting you healthy is a primary objective of our codeine rehab in Duluth. Detox is a great opening step to clear the drug from your body, but the process doesn’t finish there. We keep you shielded and centered on your rehab with:

  • A controlled environment far from the triggers and trauma of codeine use
  • Availability of licensed medical professionals 24/7
  • Custom-tailored treatment that accounts for your specific situation
  • A priority on developing powerful coping behaviors
  • Adherence to strict patient privacy guidelines
  • Aftercare planning for future outpatient care

When you’re prepared to move forward in your journey to sobriety, we will find a proper outpatient program for your ongoing recovery.

Find Help For Codeine Use Now

Addiction to opiates like codeine is often incapacitating and a challenge to overcome. You don’t have to struggle by yourself. Request help today at Evolve’s codeine rehab in Duluth. Contact us at 470-348-5426 or submit our form to talk with an expert. We’re here for you day or night, 365 days a year.