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How To Treat Prescription Drug Addiction?

June 28, 2024

Even though they’re legally approved, some prescription drugs can be just as addictive as illicit drugs. If you have an addiction to a prescription, you’ll have to get professional guidance to stop misusing it. Getting care for prescription drug addiction near Duluth might feel frightening at first, but knowing what to expect can lessen your stress. If you need help conquering an addiction to a prescription drug, here’s what to know about treatment.

Where You Should Go For Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Just like an individual would go to detox and rehab for an alcohol or narcotic addiction, these places supply support for prescription drug addiction near Duluth as well. To begin treatment, reach out to an approved inpatient detoxification provider. Their staff can help you navigate withdrawal while your body flushes out the drug. Do not make an effort to detox on your own. Substance withdrawal may cause hazardous symptoms. A detox provider will keep you protected and as comfortable as possible so you may get through detox.

Detoxing on its own isn’t enough to treat prescription drug addiction. Your mind will still suggest that you should have those drugs. Residential drug rehab facilities give you a protected place to work on the following phase of recovery. A facility like Evolve Recovery Center Duluth will continue to treat lingering withdrawal symptoms and the cognitive aspect of addiction with evidence-based therapy. At Evolve Duluth, you remain as long as you need to feel stabilized enough to go back home.

You may determine that after completing rehab, you need ongoing assistance to abstain from dependency-causing medications. Get help from a mental health provider who specializes in addiction treatment and engage their programs for however long you need. You deserve guidance from specialists who are knowledgeable in the distinct obstacles of prescription drug addiction.

Ways To Prepare Yourself For Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

You don’t need to do much prior to receiving treatment for prescription drug addiction near Duluth. Contact your preferred treatment provider to talk about the admissions process and find a way to get there safely. Gather the basic essentials for your time there, such as toiletries and personal clothing. Most of all, arrive at treatment understanding that you can conquer prescription drug addiction when you obtain compassionate, specialized care.

How Does Support For Prescription Drug Addiction Work?

Treatment for substance addiction has two facets: psychological and physiological. If you are afflicted with a prescription drug dependence and suffer withdrawal when you halt use of the drug, you’ll have to detox first and give your system an opportunity to flush out the drug. During detox, staff will observe your core vitals and provide medicine and supplemental support to lessen your symptoms of withdrawal.

Once detox is finished, you are able to move on to a rehab program. In rehab, you may continue to get treatment for lingering physiological symptoms. You might also receive medication-assisted treatment. This consists of prescribed medications to suppress cravings and address underlying mental conditions that played a part in your addiction.

Addiction is a mental disorder. You’re more likely to conquer a prescription drug addiction by participating in recurring therapy. You might begin therapy while in detox, but you should without question participate in counseling sessions during rehab and after you leave. Evolve helps you examine the causes of your addiction and practice new coping methods in

As you advance through recovery, you are able to continue with counseling sessions and medication-assisted treatment for however long it takes.

Get Help Conquering Addictive Prescription Drugs Near Duluth

You don’t have to try and fight through a prescription drug addiction. Contact Evolve Recovery Center Duluth at 470-348-5426 or submit the form on this page to have a confidential conversation about addiction care. We reply right away no matter the time, every day of the year. If you need help, reach out now. We are here for you.