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What Are The Signs Of Addiction Relapse?

February 26, 2024

Have you found yourself less serious about your addiction recovery? Are you missing group sessions from time to time? Have you fallen back into some previous habits? You might be on a path to addiction relapse. Even though relapse is not unusual for those who have been through addiction treatment near Duluth, it can put you in danger. 

But, if you know the signs of addiction relapse, you may keep yourself or a loved one safe and on sobriety’s path.

Addiction Relapse Usually Occurs In Phases

The signs of relapse near Duluth typically appear in three distinctive phases. Find out what they are and what you might experience in them.

Emotional Relapse

At this preliminary stage, you aren’t thinking about using but could encounter one or more triggers that cause unfavorable thoughts. You may lack focus on your recovery and forgo support group meetings for previous coping strategies. These self-defeating patterns can give rise to mood shifts, anxiety, or depression. Self-care behaviors such as getting a restful night’s sleep, eating right, and staying active might fade. 

Mental Relapse

After the emotional stage, you might willfully think about using within mental relapse. You might become sentimental for your old lifestyle without considering the hurt and suffering it caused. You might even fantasize about consuming drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. There’s typically an internal conflict as part of you wishes to resume using while the other desires to stay on the sober path.

As the mental relapse strengthens, you could start to justify why you use drugs or alcohol. You might also begin planning ways to aquire addictive substances. You could even begin to have cravings for drugs or alcohol, especially during instances of stress.

Physical Relapse

By this time, relapse is in effect, and you are going back to your former routines of substance use. Prior habits return, and the cycle of using can restart.  Relationships might be more turbulent|, as relapse can produce additional feelings of guilt and anger. Depending on the length of time you’ve been in relapse and your level of use, you might need to detox again or reenter inpatient rehab near Duluth.

Don’t Ignore The Preliminary Signs of Relapse

You aren’t likely to get out of bed one morning and decide to commence using again. In most cases, gradual changes in your way of thinking or behavior indicate a relapse may be close. Here are a few early signs of relapse:

  • Skipping therapy or group support meetings.
  • Recovery is no longer an emphasis in your life
  • Feeling sentimental about using and how it once made you feel
  • Distressing emotions like frustration and anger become more common, and you have trouble governing them.

If you’ve discovered yourself lacking interest in your recovery objectives, it’s time to take a closer look at your addiction treatment plan to see if changes or a new form of assistance is warranted.

Does My Addiction Relapse Near Duluth Indicate Recovery Has Failed?

Similar to other chronic medical disorders, relapse will always be a concern in alcohol and drug addiction. Approximately 40-60% of people will have a relapse, although the chances are increased throughout the first year. Recovering from a substance use disorder is a process. Sadly, relapse may be an aspect of it. It’s a good time to review your plan of medical treatment and make modifications to help you get refocused. Addiction relapse doesn’t imply your recovery has failed.

Relapse Is Common But Also Hazardous

While relapse is prevalent, it’s crucial to appreciate the pitfalls associated with it. There’s a greater threat of overdose if you return to using drugs or alcohol at your past levels. Your body has adapted to a sober lifestyle and may have difficulty managing an abrupt influx. This scenario can be hazardous and even life-threatening, specifically for certain drugs like opiates. Get help if you detect signs of relapse to keep yourself or someone you care about safe.

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